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New Flexmls Portal

Posted by: Ani Pollack on Thursday, August 25, 2016

The new, redesigned customer portal is now available for desktop, mobile web, and iOS. The new portals bring a fresh, new interface as well as several new features, including the ability for your contacts to run searches (as allowed by your MLS), and an agent-branded iOS app available to consumers through the Apple App Store. Click here to watch a video introducing the new portals.

For detailed instructions on how to activate the new Portal in Flexmls Web, as well as a look at the new New Portal, Portal for Mobile Web and iOS, keep reading.

New Portal: Flexmls Web - Turn It On
You can begin using the new Portal by turning it on and adjusting the Portal Preferences to fit your needs. Once you turn it on, all of the contacts who use the portal will see the new portal design when they login.

Try the new version of the Portal by going to the Preferences menu and selecting Portal Preferences.

On the Portal Preferences page, you will see a video describing the benefits of using the new portal (the same video linked above). To turn on the new Portal and access the updated Portal settings, click the Try the New Flexmls Portal button.
Note: If you choose not to use the new Portal, you can access the Classic Portal Preferences by clicking the Access classic portal settings link.

New Portal: Flexmls Web - A Quick Look
The new Portal shows a quick access menu on the left, listings in the center, and a map of the listings on the right. The menu has the familiar News Feed option that displays a list of listings they've received from their subscription updates, a Searches section that shows any searches you've saved for the user, and a Listings option that contains Saved, Recommended, Hidden, and custom listing collections. Click on a menu item to display its listings. By default, the Listings section in the center displays all listings in the selected search or listing collection; however, if you zoom in on the map, you'll see only the listings shown on the zoomed in area.

View listing details by clicking on a listing or a listing icon on the map. From the detail page, view photos (videos and virtual tours now appear in line with photos immediately after the primary photo), click to expand and view the listing details, view the listing's location on the map, or save, hide and share listings. 

If the user clicks Contact Agent, they will be able to send you a message about the listing. The messages you exchange with the user appear in a user friendly, chat-like dialogue box and will show all of the previous responses in the conversation.

Users can also run their own searches by clicking on Filter, entering their search criteria, and clicking View Listings to view their search results. If you are a Flexmls IDX subscriber, your contacts can then save the search so it is always available in the Portal.

New Portal: Mobile Web - A Quick Look
The new, fresh look and feel and the options described above also apply to portals accessed from a mobile device. Here are some screenshots illustrating the new look:

Note: The new look and feel for Mobile Web will apply regardless of whether the new portals are turned on in Flexmls Web or not. This is because the updates to mobile web were necessary to improve usability, so we did not retain the classic version of the mobile portal.

Flexmls Consumer Portal App in the Apple App Store
The new portal release also includes the option for consumers using iPhones to download an app from the Apple App Store to access their customer portal. Please note: The new app for consumers is called Flexmls whereas the app for agents in the Apple App Store is called Flexmls Pro. Your contacts will login to the app using the same username (their established email address) and password that they use to login to the portal.

One of the primary benefits for consumers to use the new Flexmls iPhone app is to receive push notifications of new listings. Push notifications can be controlled directly by the consumer on their phone so they get the most prompt updates of just the listings they want. Another major benefit is the excellent usability and speed of having the app downloaded to your phone.

New Portal Preferences
Once you've turned the new Portal on and go to the Portal Preferences page (found under the Preferences menu), you will see the following options, which mirror the Classic Portal Preferences with a few additions discussed below. Click on a preference to see its available options.

My Listings: Featured Listings on Portal Home Page
The My Listings option allows you to show your Active listings on the desktop and mobile web portal home page. This is turned on (Active) by default.

When turned on, the featured listings look like this on desktop and mobile (respectively):

Default Subscription Settings
Another new option allows you to set Default Subscription Settings. This option allows you to control what events trigger a new listing update for the subscription emails. The settings available for your contact are similar to the options currently available when you save a search in Flexmls Web and can select which options trigger a new notification.

Listing Content Options
Similar to the Default Subscription Settings, the Listing Content Options allow the you to control what content shows in your contacts' portals. These options are similar to the options you set when you send a manual or automatic email in Flexmls--you can include or exclude certain content such as documents, open house information, and taxes or public records. 

IDX Lead Generation
For users who have purchased IDX, there are two new options: Widget and Featured Searches. Widget gives you the ability to include a custom search on your home page and Featured Searches lets you list additional featured searches. As before, the Search Widget will use the selected Default Search in your IDX Manager and Featured Searches will include searches marked Show in My Search in the IDX Manager. 

The search widget and featured searches look like this on the portal home page.

If you have not purchased Flexmls IDX yet, the IDX Lead Generation card will show a video describing the advantages of Flexmls IDX and provide a link to go to the IDX store if you would like to purchase it or get more information. You can check out the IDX promotional video by clicking here.

Other: Switch Back to Classic Portals
The last option is under the Other card and allows the you to switch back to the classic portals. Click the Switch to Classic Portals option to perform this task.
Note: If you switch to Classic Portals, all of your contacts who use portals will see the Classic version of the portal.




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