Membership Forms

Become a Member:



Membership Inactivation

 A REALTOR® member wanting to inactivate their membership can submit this form to place their account on hold for a period of up to 12 months. Used with Certification of MLS Non-Use. Please read thoroughly, as an incomplete form will not be processed.


Membership Reactivation

 This form allows a REALTOR® member who has inactivated their account to reactivate and pay the prorated dues for the year.


Clerical User Registration

Clerical users are individuals (whether licensed or unlicensed) under the direct supervision of an MLS participant or subscriber who perform only administrative and clerical tasks that do not require a real estate license or an appraiser's certificate or license.


Broker Load Agreement

 This form is required for any MLS participant and MLS subscriber if the subscriber intends to input their own listings into the MLS.


Notice of Non-Responsibility

 A Notice of Non-Responsibility alerts the Association that a Designated REALTOR® is no longer responsible for a licensee previously under his or her own.


Limited Function Referral Office (LFRO) Certification Form

 This will certify that the Designated REALTOR® (or his/her firm) has a direct or indirect ownership interest in an entity engaged exclusively in soliciting and/or referring clients and customers to the REALTOR® for consideration on a substantially exclusive basis and are not participants or subscribers in any Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”).



Office & Billing:

Auto Debit Authorization Form

 By completing this form, you will authorize the Santa Barbara Multiple Listing Service to automatically deduct your payment for dues, fees, and services from your credit or debit card. This does not apply for the Santa Barbara Association of REALTORS®.


Office Information Change

 This form authorizes an office information update in regards to office name, office address, phone number and office fax number. The Santa Barbara Association of REALTORS® relies on this form to keep your visible record up to date.


Office Transfer

 Any transfer from one office to another must return this form to SBAOR. Your system access may be suspended without the receipt of this form to the Membership Manager.



Multiple Listing Service Forms:

Transfer of Participation

 In the event that a Broker/MLS Participant requires access to be transferred to a new Participant, this form will allow that change within the MLS.


Mortgage Loan Originator Exemption Form

 This will certify that the Designated REALTOR® (or his firm) has a direct or indirect ownership interest in an entity engaged in the real estate business which provides services for which a Mortgage Loan Originators license endorsement (MLO) is required.


Certification of MLS Non-Use -

This form certifies that an agent with Association Membership is inactivating their MLS account, and that the broker is aware of these changes. Must be submitted with an Inactivation form. (Above)



MLS Team Application


Coming Soon Listing Addendum



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